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wants to encourage people to return to nature for our most basic needs & to increase longevity as well as assist us in living a more joyous lifestyle -

this does not discount the use and need for traditional medicine. 

We must find a blend of natural and traditional techniques as prevention, remedy and overall wellness - whatever that may mean to each of us as individuals!

My own reasons include a healthy lifestyle so I can spend more time with my grandchildren as they get older and eventually have kids of their own (how fun will that be!) and being a bit of an activist for 'green' and 'natural' systems to benefit me, my family, my community, country, and people globally - bc I believe we are all responsible for our own selves but also each other and the world we live on!

HappyEssentials4Life CLASSES

A series of classes on how to live a more health-centered and earth-conscious life by using pure, natural products and learning how to make these personal care and home care items yourself! Sign Up to receive more information on these fun & informative classes!

**Available in-home or via Facebook**

Beauty Health & Wellness Intro Class


~ This class will be held on Facebook ~